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Project Name:

Repairing Surface of Aprons and Taxiways and Other Works at Abu Dhabi International Airport Contract No. 103.28 (Package A, B & C)



Dept. of Public Works


Dorsch Consult

M & E Contractor:

TAMAS Projects

Scope of Work


Supply, Construction, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the following:

  • Civil Works to include foundations, transformer pits, duct banks, etc.

  • Jet Fuel Piping (Carbon Steel DN300).

  • Fire Water Network and Hydrants (DI DN 300 & 150)

  • Flood Light Mast (20 m H x 16 Nos. Luminaries)

  • Potable Water and Drainage System

  • Airfield ground lighting   Guidance Signs, lighting Control   System, Cabling, etc.

  • Electrical Works to include  LV switchgear, Panels,   Power and Control Cabling,  Earthing, etc.