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The Company has been in business since 1978 and has grown to become a highly respected utility services provider to Abu Dhabi authorities.




The parent company was founded
Tamas was established as a subsidiary.
Awarded two sub-contracts: 1) Water Pumping Station, and 2) Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL), Electrical, Mechanical and Piping for Refurbishment of Taxiways at Abu Dhabi International Airport.  
Tamas achieved IS0 9001 certification, and classified as “Second Category” by Abu Dhabi Department of Economy for electrical, mechanical and sewerage projects. 
Awarded contract for Operations and Maintenance of Abu Dhabi’s Mainland Sewerage, Drainage and Irrigation Networks and Pumping Stations (in 2006 this was rolled over into the ADSSC contract).
Share capital increased from AED 1 million ($0.3m) to AED 10 million ($3m) to allow the Company to tap into growth opportunities.
Renewal of the ADSSC O&M contract for three years for Abu Dhabi Mainland. The contract value is doubled with the addition in scope to cover Al Ain; total value approx. AED 198 million ($54m).  
Restructure and revamp the organization to align with growth and market expansion opportunities. 
Two construction projects awarded by ADSSC totaling AED 173 million ($47m) for the Construction of Sewerage Network in Al Ain and Rehabilitation of Sewerage Network in Abu Dhabi.
Two contracts awarded by DOT for Installation of Traffic Lights at MBZ City in Abu Dhabi and O&M of Yas Tunnel.

Awarded the 7 years Operation & Maintenance contract for Abu  Dhabi Island totaling AED 235 Million ($ 64 m)

Rehabilitation of the complete Airfield Ground Lighting System (Cat.II) including electrical infrastructure networks and substations at the Minhad Airbase for Command of Military Works.
Improvement of the Intelligent Traffic System at Al Ain including the infrastructure for 110 km of FO network in the city and the integration of a new Management Control Center for Department Of Transport;
Award of the maintenance contract of street lighting at the western region by ADWEA. Extension by DMAT of the Operation & Maintenance contracts of Abu-Dhabi tunnels including Salam street.