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Asset & Facility Management

TAMAS' O&M Division was established in early 2000 to meet the client’s demand at the time and partnered with major Australian company to offer an international standard service.

Since then, TAMAS has undertaking several contracts for operation and maintenance of various facilities including civil, electrical, electronic and mechanical systems.

The Company employs a diverse range of qualified personnel equipped with latest technology systems, including CMMS applications that plan, track work orders and capture critical data. 

Over the years, TAMAS has and continues to operate and maintained the SCADA Control Centre for over 200 sewage pumping stations with their associated electrical substations, odor control systems and over 8000 kilometer of pipeline networks in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain cities. Also, TAMAS has been maintaining the AGL System at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

TAMAS’ Team is committed to providing reliable quality service to our clients on a long term basis.

Our Services:

  • Asset Management of public utilities
  • Facility Management of public & private developments
  • Operation of Call Centers, Control centers Pumping stations, Treatment Plants, Diesel Power Plants
  • Routine, preventive and Responsive Maintenance for Buildings, Pumping stations, Treatment Plants; Power Plants; sub-stations
  • Maintenance of Transmission & Distribution Networks of Power, Water and Wastewater
  • Pipeline Inspection and CCTV works. Replacement & Rehabilitation
  • Planned & Emergency Repair works for any of the above facilities including Civil, Mechanical and Electrical equipment