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SWARCO’S Traffic Technology Portal Turnkey Traffic Solutions, Products and Services for Traffic Management and Road Safety over the past four decades, SWARCO has developed into a one-stop shop for products, systems, services, and solutions for road safety and traffic management.

The SWARCO Group offers a market-leading program in the fields of urban and interurban traffic management, including energy-saving LED traffic lights, intersection control, adaptive control of traffic flows, highway and tunnel guidance systems, and LED-based street lighting.

VTA – The abbreviation stands for “Verfahrens Technologische Abwasseraufbereitung”, meaning “wastewater processing driven by process engineering”. It also stands for a globally successful Austrian company that sets new standards in wastewater and environmental technologies with its innovative and technically advanced products. The company’s top priorities are eco-friendliness and economic efficiency.

Aldis was born in 2006 from the vision and passion of technology entrepreneurs James “Vig” Sherrill and Bill Malkes. Both Vig and Bill see opportunities to revolutionize the way traffic management gets done, by infusing new technology into signalized intersections.

For perspective, the National Traffic Signal Report Card released by the National Transportation Operations Coalition in 2007, estimated that if all the signals in the United States were improved from their current “D” grade to an “A” grade, travel delay would be reduced by up to 40% and fuel consumption would fall by 10% or 17 billion gallons a year. This time and energy savings would add up to a reduction in harmful emissions (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds) by 22%.

Mesa Technologies is an innovative electronics manufacturer comprised of a team of highly experienced electrical and software engineers building unique products and solutions for transportation, oil and gas, aerospace and defense industries. Our Houston, Texas facility is built around a highly sophisticated SMT production line. This investment in industry leading surface mount production machinery coupled with strong in house circuit design capabilities provides the ability to rapidly manufacture large quantities of complex circuit boards. The SMT assembly line includes combined AOI and AXI technology for a superior quality assurance process.