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QHSE Policy &

QHSE Policy & Certifications

TAMAS is committed to the safety and health of every individual working within the organization. TAMAS’ management is fully committed to the maintenance of safe working environment in every work place by providing the necessary resources in terms of equipment, personnel training and policy guidelines.

TAMAS has integrated a Quality Management System in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001:2015 in all aspects of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations, and Maintenance activities at all levels of the organization.

Quality management procedures, control procedures, and method statements are developed and implemented to ensure that all quality aspects of the work are addressed. Test plan and related inspection forms are developed and implemented in order to guarantee that all quality aspects of the work are also addressed.

Our Principles

  • Creating a safe workplace by involving all stakeholders in the formulation, execution & review stages
  • Transparent policies which foster teamwork and commitment
  • Unhindered communication between operations teams and senior management
  • Success in the marketplace
  • Organizational excellence through the lean management of processes
  • Promoting a culture which believes in all accidents being avoidable, unnecessary and morally unacceptable

ISO Certificates